You know how there are  times when your pet does something really cute and you just have to photograph the moment.... well I had such a moment only it was my brother & sis - in - law's pet pug "Maggie".  While I was sitting on their sofa playing that totally addicting game "Candy Crush" I felt a presence and sure enough there she was, Maggie, sitting up, just like a human right next to me.  She was so darn cute!  I hurriedly called to my hubby, Mark, and had him sit in my place praying the whole time she wouldn't move.  I grabbed my camera & snapped away. Here are a few of my favorite shots.    Doesn't she look like a little person...almost human!

  • Bev Vycital

    on December 22, 2013

    Yep...that's my handsome hunk!

  • Mark Vycital

    on December 22, 2013

    The dog is really CUTE, but what a handsome hunk!!

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