While visiting our niece and her family in Arizona we were invited to go on a hike--Uh OH, they are avid hikers--what were we getting into!? But since they were bringing their young children and I was asked to photo document the event I figured "can't be too bad!" We were going to a very special location--a Native American spiritual site not known to very many people and very isolated. To get there we needed a 4 wheel drive vehicle and boy did we bounce. After several bumps and a few bruises we arrived and walked through a beautiful field of yellow wildflowers. Maybe this was going to be OK?! "Mark, watch out, the cactus". "Ouch, help me get these darn needles out of my leg he yelped." After applying first aid we continued on our adventure and came to the edge of  a cliff with a 500 ft drop off and a very narrow path but it had a great view. Okay now what? Well....I was informed that we had to do a little climb down the edge of the cliff, yikes! Looked pretty scary from where I was standing but it really wasn't toooo bad. Once down to the ledge running along the cliff we were instructed to stay close to the side of the cliff...don't get too close to the edge of the ledge...no problem there!!! We walked until we came to a Juniper tree which we had to crawl through, then around the bend we arrived at the spiritual spot complete with beautiful petroglyphs. Well worth the effort! A hike I'll never forget.

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